Online Quran Memorization

Shia Quran Memorization Course to Master the Hifz

Our Holy Book Quran is the source of guidance for us. It is a blessing for Muslims and for all humanity. We offer you the best Quran memorization services online. Our Academy has hafiz teachers for your hifz course.

We are Momineen and realize the Quran as the secret of success. You can memorize the Quran and get respect in this world and hereafter. It is a spiritual task that has many benefits and virtues.  You can protect yourself from hellfire. Your mind and soul will become peaceful and get closer to Allah. Allah also raises the status of an individual just because of the Quran. When you become a hafiz, you get the best rank in both worlds. Every one of us understands the value of a hafiz. So, you should join the Momineen Shia Quran Center. We are an amazing place for your learning. Our Quran memorization course is for kids and adults.

Start an exciting journey of Quran learning with us. We will teach you step by step thus making your Quran learning journey easier for you. Our teaching methods are so effective that every student memorizes without any difficulty. Our teaching methods improve your ability to memorize the lessons easily.  We offer both partial and complete memorization. Start your hifz program with a suitable device (computer, laptop, tablet, or any android device), and a good speed internet.

Partial Memorization

This is the introductory course when you will start memorization with short Surahs. Partial memorization makes a strong foundation in memorization. We will offer you the expert guidance for memorization. You will not only memorize the surahs but will also improve reading and pronunciation skills.

We start with some selected verses of the Quran instead of the entire Quran. This type of memorization is for beginners. If you are at the early stages of learning, partial memorization is perfect for you. These lessons are easier to grasp for all learners. Children are good at memorization and many parents choose partial memorization for them. When they complete this partial memorization, it gives them confidence. Many of them then make up their mind to progress in the complete memorization.

Complete memorization Course

This course is for those who want to memorize the Quran completely. It is a lengthy course and requires dedication. So if you believe that you are consistent in nature, you can choose this course. We have the best memorization techniques that involve repetition, recitation, and practice. This course also includes Tajweed rules in which you will learn the correct pronunciation. Whether you want to learn to read or memorize, phonetics is very important. We help you learn the Tajweed rules so that you can recite well. Our course includes both recitation and revision. It is very important for memorization. We move to the next lesson when the student memorizes the previous lesson. We have expert teachers for you and you memorize under their supervision. We offer in-person classes through online mode. Students not only memorize the book of Allah but also have spiritual development. Our course includes assessments and tests too to check the progress of students. The students in this way can understand if they need more attention.

Online classes for memorization

We offer online classes for the Quran memorization course.  Due to the advancement in technology, there is transformation in our lives. We are also the online platform promoting Quran education throughout the world. Our services are very unique and suitable to everyone. Memorization help in spiritual growth and we are here to offer you the best services. Instead of going to a Quran center, you can join our classes. You need to connect to a device to access a teacher you can easily memorize at your own place.  The classes are flexible and you will learn at your pace. We have a very reasonable fee for this course. Our services are high quality and give a unique learning experience to everyone. We have personalized learning plans to meet the needs of all students.

The best thing is that our classes fit in the busy lives of students. We have flexible schedules. When you think is the most suitable time for attending the class, you can choose that time. Children don’t have to skip their schools to start the hifz program. They can continue their formal education along with memorization classes. Even adults don’t disturb their routine work when they study with us.

We don’t teach in the traditional manner but offer one-on-one sessions. In this manner, students get a better focus and they can memorize well. Our interactive teaching tools enhance memorization. Students can track their progress and get an insight into their performance.  We want to spread modern Islamic education. You will study in convenience and develop a stronger connection with Allah.

There is no difficulty in accessing the classes. With the advancement of technology, it is not a difficult thing to learn online. We are a very reliable online platform for every Shia Muslim.

Memorize With Our Best Teachers

We have expert hafiz teachers who are also expert reciters and knowledgeable. They are proficient in teaching. We understand the importance of excellent teaching. So, for this purpose we have expert Hafiz teachers. They also understand the meanings of the Quran and rules of Tajweed. They can give the expert knowledge of the Quran to the students.  They make the lessons enjoyable and interesting. Teaching the Quran is also a very rewarding experience. They have the art of teaching. So, they make memorization easy for all the students. Both kids and adults do hifz with them. You have to show your dedication and effort for better results. Our teachers are very expert in teaching and they repeat every lesson multiple times. This repetition will help in efficient memorization. They also have excellent recitation skills and have accurate Tajweed concepts. So, your recitation will be with correct pronunciation. Our teachers also have positive moral values like honesty and kindness.

We understand the importance of regular review of the lessons. So when the lesson is complete, we review the old one to maintain the memorization. So, you can trust our services and expect better results from us. Quran teaching is a noble task and it is a rewarding duty too. We are happy to perform this duty and share this sacred knowledge with our students. We treat this duty with the utmost respect.