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Online Tajweed course

Momineen shia Quran center offers Online Tajweed course. We will teach you the beautiful art of Quranic recitation. You will learn the actual and melodious way of reading and reciting the Quran. Our Tajweed course is very high quality. We help our students to articulate each letter correctly. Tajweed is your choice whether you are a beginner or want to improve your reading skills. We will guide you in the right direction on this Holy task.

Tajweed is important because it helps in pronouncing the verses of the Quran correctly. It is not just a simple reading but beautiful recitation.  When you learn Tajweed, you try to honor the divine revelation. We will teach you important rules for reading Arabic words. Our aim is to enable you to recite the Qur’an fluently.

Our Tajweed Course

We teach tajweed Quran Online course to Momineen across the world. When you join us, you will learn from the expert. Our teachers are very professional and have deep knowledge of Tajweed. They will teach you the foundational principles of Tajweed and also the advanced rules of recitation. Our course is the best and covers the important topics in Tajweed. We also allow our students to learn at their own speed. The classes are very interactive giving you a very comprehensive learning experience.

We teach all the Tajweed rules in details with explanations and examples. Our teachers are professional and they know how to teach the best. You will understand the Arabic letters, their characteristics, pronunciation rules and also elongation.

What We Will Teach

Our Academy offers comprehensive Tajweed classes that will make you a fully understand the rules of recitation. When you learn Quran with tajweed with us, you will study:

Introduction to Tajweed

  •       Understanding Tajweed and how it is important in maintaining the accuracy of the Quran.
  •       Understanding the importance of proper pronunciation of the Quranic words

Arabic Alphabet and Pronunciation

  •       Learning the Arabic alphabet and the correct pronunciation of each letter.
  •       Identifying different characteristics (Makhaarij) of all alphabets.

Tajweed Rules

  •       Rules of elongation of vowels (Madd).
  •       Rules of Meem Saakinah.
  •       Rules of Noon Saakinah
  •       Tanween.
  •       Rules of Qalqalah (vibrating or echoing sounds).
  •       Rules of Hamzah
  •       Rules of Idghaam and Ikhfaa
  •       Rules of elongation (Madd).
  •       Rules of Raa’ and pronunciations.
  •       Rules of stopping (Waqf)
  •       Rules of starting (Ibtidaa’).

Applying Tajweed in Recitation

We will teach you how to read and recite some verses from the Quran and apply Tajweed rules. Our academy is renowned for its interactive sessions. Our students learn the best when they practice with our teachers. We have professional Qaris and they teach the best style of recitation. You will also memorize short Surahs with Tajweed to get an idea how to pronounce properly.

We know that practice is very important to bring perfection. So, we offer interactive sessions in our classes. The students learn to apply Tajweed rules practically. Our teachers teach in live sessions and give immediate feedback to you. They also reinforce your lessons so that you understand well. With the best guidance, your confidence in recitation will increase.

Why Master Tajweed?

Every one of us like beautiful recitation. It creates spiritual connection with Allah and the Quran. When you master Tajweed, you recite the Quran with sincerity. You also try to preserve the Quran in its pristine form. Join our Tajweed course and add beauty to your recitation. Our teacher will help you in all levels of your learning. We teach step by step and you will master it very soon. Reading the Quran beautifully is a spiritually enriching experience.

Join Us on this Sacred Journey

Join us to take your first step to learn Tajweed and become a recite. Your recitation will have the beauty and melody that will inspire others. You will read the Quran with heart and sincerity after learning Tajweed. As we teach with heart, so you should also learn with heart. You will no more make any mistakes in reading.  We will teach you at your home and you will learn Arabic pronunciation.

How Do We Teach?

We teach through live classes that combines effective communication between student and teacher. The classes are individual and one student learns with a teacher at a time. We do not give group classes because students do not get full attention. Our teaching methods are interactive and students engage in practical exercises.  We begin our course with introduction and overview of the Tajweed course. Then we teach to meet the expectations of our students. We encourage student participation in the class. The teachers give assignments and after completion of each lesson we also take assessments. We teach according to the schedule that students select. Our lessons are interactive and there are practical exercises too. Students enjoy our lessons because our lessons are never boring. We break down the course into manageable sections so that students learn the best.

Why Choose Us for starting your Tajweed Course?

We offer the best quality Tajweed course. You should choose us for the following reasons:

Expert Teachers

We have expert teacher having expert tajweed knowledge. Enrolling in our academy will help you benefit from expert-led courses. Our teachers are knowledgeable and also passionate about teaching the Quran.

Multi-lingual Teachers

Our teachers are multi-lingual and they can speak multiple languages. This helps worldwide students to study with them and communicate easily with them.

Comprehensive Course

Our Tajweed course is very comprehensive and covers the basic pronunciation of the letters to advanced rules of reading. Our students get the best learning experience.

Interactive Classes

Our academy offers interactive lessons so that students engage in the class and also enjoy it. They can involve in practice sessions and ask questions from the teachers. There are also reinforcements so that students have better understanding of Tajweed rules.

Individual Classes

All of our classes are individual and students get full attention of teacher. We do not believe in group classes because students do not learn efficiently.

Flexible Scheduling

You may have busy schedule due to which you may not decide to study tajweed. So, we offer flexible class timings so that you can easily start your Tajweed course. You will choose the time that suits you and we will teach at that time.

Free Trial Classes

Our academy offers you the facility of taking trial classes. When you take these free classes, you can judge us well. If you find us qualitative, contact us and start your tajweed classes.

Are You Ready to Start Your Tajweed Learning Journey?

Join our virtual Quran academy to start your Tajweed classes. Our classes have advanced features and you will enjoy in our online learning environment.

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Availability: We are available 24/7 for your inquiries. We have a friendly and supportive team who is ready to help you to answer your questions. Our team will guide you fully in the enrollment process. Start Tajweed course with us today and strengthen your connection with the Quran.