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We welcome you to Momineen Shia Quran Academy. We are one of the best online Quran teaching institutes. Join us to learn from the best Online Shia Quran Teacher. Our teachers are expert and professional. They not only teach you the Quran but also give you proper guidance. They are available online making Quran learning very easy for you. They are qualified and offer the best teaching and you can achieve your Quran learning goals. Their availability is round the clock thus making it convenient and manageable for everyone with a busy routine. Contact us today to access your online teacher and book your classes any time that suits you. There is no specific time so you can hire a teacher at any time that you think is suitable.

Our Expert teachers

Our tutors are the experts because they are the graduates of popular Shia institutions. They are also fluent in the English language. You will not face any communication issues if you learn with them. They are also experts in Arabic accents. Study with them to learn the same accent. Have classes in one-to-one sessions and get the best learning experience. You will get the full attention of the teachers and can ask any questions. Our top-notch Quranic education is just because of our expert Quran teachers. They are always ready to help in the Quran learning journey. Learn with Shia online Quran Teacher from our academy and have your spiritual growth.

We understand the importance of expert and knowledgeable teachers. So, we only hire the best team of teachers having a deep understanding of the Quran. They are experts at Tajweed and Shia Islamic knowledge.

Hire a Shia Qaris

Choose a Shia Qaris with us because we have a team of highly professional teachers and Qaris. If you want to learn beautiful recitation, an expert qari from our academy will help you. Start your recitation course from the comfort of your home. No need to go to a Quran center because a Qaris is available online. They are experienced and have Tajweed knowledge. You don’t have to worry about finding a local Qaris. Become an expert recite with our Qaris and learn recitation with the rules of recitation.

A Shia Quran Teacher for kids

We have special classes for kids. Wherever you live, you can hire a Quran tutor for your kids.  Our teacher will teach you how to read Quran correctly with the best Arabic accent. We offer different courses for children. We start with Noorani Qaida and our tutors are the experts of Tajweed. They will teach your kids the best recitation skills. Our teachers are polite and loving and kids feel very comfortable with them.  The lessons are interesting too and children do not lose interest. Your child can get proficiency in reading the Quran. They make the environment positive and pleasant for kids. The classes are interactive. So, children are always happy with us.

Male and Female tutors

Our academy has both male and female tutors. If you need a Shia Quran Teacher online, we have the option of male and female teachers. All Momineen and Mominaat can learn with us. Mominaat who cannot leave their houses can study with our teachers. Female teachers will teach the kids too. Male teachers are also available.  You can hire them and balance your work and daily routine as the teachers are available round the clock.

Those women and girls who cannot go out to an institution can now hire the best Shia Quran Teacher.  We believe in empowering our females to become the best Momineen.  Bring the Shia Islamic teachings in your lives and walk in the path of Ahl ul Bait. We do not bind our students for any specific time. The classes are available 24/7 so that you don’t face any difficulty in hiring. Do not worry even if you are busy in your life. You can attend classes as our teachers are available all day.

Why Choose Our Expert Quran Teachers?

You should choose our teachers for the following reasons:

Qualified and Proficient

Our teachers are the graduates of the Shia Islamic institutes. They are knowledgeable in the Quran and they have relevant education and qualifications in Quranic/ Islamic studies. Studying with them ensures that you get the best guidance in Quranic education.

One to One Learning Experience:

We count every student as the unique one so we give them special attention. We give importance to all the students and meet their needs of all students. We offer effective learning experience to the students.

Different Varity of Courses:

We offer a wide range of courses and our teachers are expert in recitation (Tajweed), Translation, memorization (Hifz), Tafsir, and more. They are the experts and give students a deep knowledge of the Quran.

Flexible Scheduling

Hire a Shia Quran Teacher from us and take your classes in flexible schedules. People have busy lives and often it is quite challenging for them to take Quran classes. Our teachers give flexible schedules that can help them in their lifestyle and life commitments.

Engaging Teachers

Our teachers are engaging and offer interactive learning environment to the students. They not only give the Quran classes but also help Momineen connect with the Quran and Islam. You will not only read or memorize the verses; but also understanding the divine message. Our teachers encourage students to ask questions and solve their concerns.

Teachers for Students of All Ages

Our teachers are for the students of all age. Whether you are a child or an adult, we will offer the best services of our Quran teachers. We cater to the students of all ages thus promoting Quran education in the world. Our teaching styles are very engaging because we aim to inspire students.

Expert in Shia Beliefs

Momineen need to learn with Shia teachers. You should choose us because our teachers are Shia and have the right beliefs. They are aware of the Shia traditions and perspective. Every Shia Muslim needs to follow the teachings of the Ahl al-Bayt. They need proper guidance so we are the right place for you. You will take Quran classes and also get guidance in line with Shia beliefs.

Worldwide Availability

We teach virtually so any Momin student can connect with us to learn the Quran at his doorstep. Our teachers are available to students from around the world. If you do not find any Shia teacher nearby, do not worry at all. We will be there for you to meet your learning needs. As we teach internationally, our student population is from diverse geographical locations. Our teachers offer their services to cater to a worldwide Shia Muslims.

We are Easily Approachable

You can easily approach us without any problem or difficult procedure. We have a user-friendly website and contacting us is a simple procedure. There is no registration process or registration fee. Just land on the Contact Us page and reach us through the email address or a telephone number. You can talk to us for any query regarding our courses or teachers. We are always ready to give you all the details you need. We have a support team to offer you prompt responses.


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