About Us

Our Shia Quran Center is the Best online Shia Quran Center for world wide muslims and momineen.

Welcome to the Momineen Shia  Quran Center, the most reliable Quran learning platform for Momineen. We are here to serve you find the most reliable tutor for learning the Quran. Quran is the most important part of life for a Momin. It is not only the source of knowledge but a pathway to connect with Allah.

The founder of the Academy is Zeeshan Ali. You can choose us with trust and confidence. We offer our services to enlighten you with the light of Islam and Quran. Join is to learn about the Islamic principles. Our courses are high quality and easily accessible. With our online learning system, Quran learning is much easy for you. You don’t have to involve in some difficult steps. Just contact us and enroll yourself today.

Our Academy is working on this sacred mission of teaching the Quran to Momineen. Our teaching will create a deep connection of Momineen with the Quran. You should join us to uphold the Shia Islam. Our teachers are professionals and you will get the best learning experience from them. No matter which country you live in, you can join our classes. You can enroll in any Quran course you want. We have an expert teacher for every course.

Our Features

We are the Academy for Momineen. Our tutors are also Momineen and give you the best opportunity to learn Shia perspective. We will give you the most outstanding learning experience. Our teachers not only focus on teaching the Quran but also making your deep spiritual connection with the Allah. We provide a very supportive environment to all the students so that they can learn efficiently. We have the following features:

24-hour Availability

Our team is ready to help you 24/7 and answer your queries. Contact us today.

No age limit

We enroll students in all courses without considering the age limit. The Quran is for everyone. Both children and adults can learn with us. There is no shyness in learning the Quran.

Teach globally

We are available to teach the Quran to worldwide Momineen. Those who want seek Quran knowledge can get the best guidance from us.

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and the graduates of renowned Islamic institutions. All the teachers are Momineen and the experts in all Quran courses.

Shia Perspective

You will learn the Quran with Shia perspective. This is why Momineen from all over the world choose us. We will make you familiar with the teachings of Ahlul Bayt.

We want to serve the Shia community and our platform is very reliable. We focus on our young Shia generation so that they don’t lose their identity. Student from USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and all other countries can learn from us. We are the professional Quran tutors so you can blindly trust our services. Our staff has many years of teaching the Quran online. We have very strict policies for recruiting the teachers. We check their background and education. This is for the purpose to provide you the best.

Our Services

We teach online and our services are very high quality. Once you learn from us, definitely refer us to other students. We believe in excellence so we don’t compromise on quality. Our fee is very reasonable and affordable. Our teaching services are available 24 hours. If you are busy and don’t find time to attend Quran classes, join us.  We offer the classes online and you can attend them from your office or your home. You will study individually and we give one on one class. We teach without any age restrictions. Male and female teachers are available at our academy for Momineen and Mominaat. The courses that we offer to our students include Basic Quran Reading, Tajweed, Quran Memorization, Translation and Interpretation course, and Islamic Education Nehjul Balagha, Sahifa e Sajjadiya (A,S) ,Shia Islamic History, Namaz, Daily Duas etc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Momineen grow spiritually.  We work to spread the teachings of the Quran in all corners of the world. Momineen can join us to empower themselves with the wisdom in the holy Quran. If you want to develop a strong bond with Allah, join our Quran classes. We promote the values of Shia Islam.

We offer equal classes to children and adults. Our teachers are at the service of those who do not have any local Shia Islamic Center nearby. We don’t want our Shia youth in the West to take the influence of the Western world. Our mission is to save our values and culture along with Islamic standards. We try our best to give Islamic values and morals to our students.

Our Quran Academy is an independent organization working for Shia Muslims worldwide. Learning the Quran is very easy and convenient for every Momin child or adult. They will learn about the Islamic way of life with a Shia viewpoint. With our expert teachers, you will become a better Muslim. We want to make your lives according to Islam and also according to the teachings of Ahl e Bait. Our teachers are multilingual and have fluency in the English language. It means that Momineen from all over the world can study with us without having any communication problems. Our teachings are not for any specific area or region. We operate online and teach Momin students from across the world. Don’t worry if you are the slow learner. We will teach you at a pace that suits your learning ability. Don’t worry if you have busy daily life schedules. We are very affordable because our mission is to make Quran learning accessible by everyone.

E learning is very important in the present time. We offer e-learning by integrating technology.  Our teaching methods are dynamic and latest. We give live and interactive lessons. Our teachers know how to deal with different students with different abilities. If you want to learn more about us, read the reviews of our students.  The best Quran tutoring is only a few clicks away from you. Connect with us today and start learning.