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What We Do

In 2010,  Online Momineen Shia Quran Center was founded. The center’s mission is to illuminate Momineen’s hearts with the teachings of our 14 Masoomeen (A.S.).

Online Momineen Shia Quran Center” is a private, worldwide, online Quran study facility for the Shia faith. Shia Muslims from all around the world are welcome here. Through a quick registration process, Shia Muslims who are interested in learning the Quran online are welcome to join us. We have a group of trained and experienced Quran tutors. For our Shia brothers and sisters, we provide high-quality services.

Dedicated to the Shia faith, the "Online Momineen Shia Quran Center" is a private, global online Quran study facility. We welcome Shia Muslims from all over the world. Shia Muslims who want to learn the Quran online are welcome to join us after a brief registration process.

Our Goal

Our goal is to instruct Muslims online. Due to the scarcity of resources for Quran education, the Shia community saw the necessity for a Shia online Quran Center. Since the Quran teaches a way of life, it is crucial to receive a proper Quran education from reliable sources. Many of our Shia brothers and sisters find it difficult to learn the Quran because of distance. But our academy is making a significant contribution to breaking down all geographical barriers. Students from all around the world are welcome to enroll in our online Quran classes.

We want to give every Shia Muslim the chance to learn the Quran. The students are able to comprehend Islam and the message of Allah thanks to our excellent Quran teaching services.

Why Us?

  • professionals who are qualified as instructors
  • The ability to study the Quran at home
  • teachers of both genders
  • Cost-free registration
  • reasonable cost
  • Classes are offered. The teacher is available around-the-clock.

Alhamdulillah, for the past 13 years, our academy has operated successfully. We have helped hundreds of students finish a variety of courses. By Allah’s grace, we are among the top Quranic institutions worldwide.

Our Qualified Teachers

Shia Muslims are our professors. They have training and experience in online Quran instruction. Shia scholars will teach you advanced courses in addition to Shia Quran teachers. Quran reading, Tajveed, Tafheem ul Quran, Quran Tafseer course, NajulBalagah, Islamic Fiqh course, and Sahife Sajjadiya are just a few of the Quran courses we provide. The instructors are qualified and have previous teaching experience. Students can reach the teachers at any time of day. They are courteous and amiable. They are able to instruct the students in all facets of Islam in addition to teaching them the Quran at home.

Our Quran Courses

We have qualified Shia scholars and teachers of the Quran who can conduct effective classes. In each class, they provide in-depth lectures. The pupils receive their instruction from us over Skype. We set up separate classes for male and female students as well as for each course. Shia Muslims of practically every age group are welcome to join our academy and take advantage of the opportunity to learn the Quran online. English and Urdu are the languages that our teachers teach.

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