Best Online Shia Quran Center For Kids and Adults

With a number of successful years of experience, the Momineen Shia Quran Center became the top-notch preference for the Shia Momineen community. Whether you are looking for an Online Shia Quran Center for your children or an adult who wants to take the Quran learning to the next level, we are here to get your back. Moreover, our large number of satisfied students are already enjoying our Shia Quran tajweed Classes and other Islamic teachings at their convenient time.

Furthermore, our goal is to establish a strong connection of every Momin to Allah so that he knows what He says in the Quran. Once you start learning the Holy Quran with its true insight and meaning, then you will realize the keys to success not only here but hereafter as well. You may find a number of other websites that offer the same opportunity, but what makes Momineen Quran Center different from others is its reliability, credibility, and trusted source all over the world.

Now you can learn the Shia Quran at your feasible hours. This is because we feel that most people want to learn shia Quran online, but due to a tough schedule, they cannot meet physical class deadlines. Hence we created online Shia Quran Classes for our beloved Shia kids, adults, and our Shia sisters.
So if you are dedicated to learning the Quran from our Online Shia Quran Academy, then you are in the right place. Either you want to learn tajweed or want to improve Arabic pronunciation and recitation; then you can start your free trial today. Once you are satisfied with our professional Scholars, then you can go ahead with paid courses.

Moreover, due to exclusive discrimination, it is an essential religious obligation for us to teach Shia Momineen brothers and sisters online Quran teachings. Enroll now and let the Holy  Quran illuminate your path to success.

We ensure quality and satisfaction. Hence, we provide face-to-face teachers and students interaction for smooth and attractive Quran journeys.

MQC proudly announces that we have outstanding and professional expertise of male and female staff for the online Shia community. We maintain our reputation by providing excellent quality teachers to you.

It is a fact that we have a busy life schedule. So now you can catch the suitable slot that best fits you. There is no hard role to look at in formal classes. We offer on-demand class timings from anywhere and anytime.

Momineen Quran Center is the most affordable and cost-effective online shia quran Academy. We do not charge registration fees.

We create and deliver lectures in various languages so that communication is easy to understand for bilingual people.

Professional Management for Your Shia Quran Learning – Join Momineen Quran Center. In the modern era, students prefer online services.

Online Shia Quran Center

Why Join Momineen Quran Center for Learning Shia Quran Online

Momineen Shia Quran Center is proud to be a Shia Community Platform, working as an Online Shia Quran Academy in the USA – UK – Australia, and other Western Countries Since 2010. We Provide High-Quality Quran and Islamic Education systems online for Shia Students who settle in Western Countries. At Momineen Shia Quran Center, we strongly believe that learning the Quran is not just about getting knowledge; it’s also about nurturing your spirituality. Through our online premium courses, you’ll develop a deeper connection with the universal Holy Quran message and experience personal development and growth with every passing day.

If you are ready to enter into an extraordinary journey at the shia quran center, then look no further. Online shia quran center is here to open the doors of knowledge and spirituality for you.

We Expand Our Online Shia Quran Academy Globally

In Western culture, our Shia families are in trouble when they are looking for a Shia Quran Teacher. To overcome this difficulty, we provide experienced Shia female and male Shia Quran tutors to our Shia brothers and sisters. Almost in every country, our Shia community can get this Holy Quran Academy facility. Some of the top-ranked featured countries are mentioned here.
United States of America (USA)
United Kingdom (UK)
Italy and other Western Countries
Hence, no matter in which country you are, we are only a single touch away from you. Click the right button and get our comprehensive Online Shia Quran Courses.

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Monthly Package Fee (HADIYA) For Quran Classes

4 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 20 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 25 Only / Month
  • UK £ 15 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 25 Only / Month
  • EURO € 15 Only / Month

8 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 25 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 30 Only / Month
  • UK £ 20 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 35 Only / Month
  • EURO € 20 Only / Month

12 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 30 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 35 Only / Month
  • UK £ 25 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 40 Only / Month
  • EURO € 25 Only / Month

20 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 35 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 40 Only / Month
  • UK £ 30 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 45 Only / Month
  • EURO € 30 Only / Month

Family Package Fee (HADIYA) For Quran Classes

4 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 35 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 40 Only / Month
  • UK £ 30 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 45 Only / Month
  • EURO € 30 Only / Month

8 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 40 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 50 Only / Month
  • UK £ 30 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 50 Only / Month
  • EURO € 35 Only / Month

12 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 50 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 60 Only / Month
  • UK £ 35 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 60 Only / Month
  • EURO € 45 Only / Month

20 Classes/Month

30Minutes Class
  • One To One Class
  • USD $ 60 Only / Month
  • CAD $ 70 Only / Month
  • UK £ 40 Only / Month
  • AUD $ 70 Only / Month
  • EURO € 55 Only / Month

Ease of Education through Online Shia Quran Academy in USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe

Since we live in the world of technology and hence we encourage you as well to explore technology online with us. From any corner of the world, now you can get in touch with us and take your online Shia Quran learning to the next level. Moreover, this online Shia Quran Center motivated those people who lived overseas like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and European countries, and did not have easy access to the Best Shia Quran teachers. Now with the Shia Quran Academy, all the momineen sisters and brothers can enjoy the real essence of the online Shia Quran classes with Islamic Shia scholars.

Moreover, with this Online Sia Quran madrasa, you cannot not only save your time and money but also love to learn in your convenient place. Every student who joins us has the right to ask questions and share their queries. Our top-notch Shia Quran Reciters are always ready to welcome you and clear your queries within a second. With the passage of time, you will realize the remarkable change in your personality as our teaching techniques inculcate in your heart and lighten up there. You are free to ask where to join a Quranic class session or look for a private session. We respect your opinions and understand your quest to join the Shia Quran Center. That’s why giving you a great opportunity to empower yourself with a top Islamic scholars company.

Learn Shia Quran With Tajweed from Expert Shia Quran Teachers

At Momineen Quran Center, we offer multiple courses according to each Shia family member, starting from Qaida to Shia Quran With Tajweed, and Shia Quran with Tafseer, Nehjul blagha; we also offer Shia Quran Memorization Classes as well to our valuable Shia members. For instance, while selecting the basic Shia Quran Tajweed course, we ensure these two steps. The first step is learning the Yassarnal Quran and the second step is the Shia Tajweed Quran Classes. In the first step, we enable students to pronounce Arabic letters as they should be sound in terms of Quran Arabic. In the second step, students are motivated to learn and read the Quran with tajweed. In both steps, we have a proper set of rules and principles that are implemented by teachers and students to get fast and reliable results of learning within a few days.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Momineen Quran Academy Online is to motivate Shia individuals with a deep understanding and vast knowledge of the Holy Quran within the Shia tradition. We, as a Shia community, strive to create a nurturing online learning hub that creates ease in personal growth and ameliorates a bond with the universal divine through the teachings of the Quran. Our mission is rooted in promoting the values of unity, compassion, and intellectual inquiry, ensuring that students develop a holistic approach to their spiritual journey from anywhere in the world.

Vision Statement 

The vision of the Momineen Quran Academy Online is to become a successful and premium leading global hub for Shia Quranic education, empowering individuals to become more aware of Shia concepts and spiritually enriched Shia members of society. We are dedicated to creating a future where individuals, regardless of their geographical location or background, can acquire quality Quranic education that aligns with the Shia tradition. Our vision is to create an exclusive online space that cultivates deep insights into the Quran and its teachings while encouraging critical thinking and personal reflection on an individual level as well.

What People Say About Momineen Quran Center

Momineen Quran Center has truly been a great blessing in my life here and hereafter as well. As a Shia Muslim Student, I have always had a deep desire to touch with the Holy Quran and gain a better understanding of its teachings. Finally, I got this online platform that has provided me with a great opportunity to fulfill my longing. The courses offered by Momineen Quran Center are comprehensive and well-structured, allowing me to look into the depths of the Quran’s wisdom at my own pace at convenient times. I highly recommend to all my other Shia brothers and sisters to join this amazing platform for Quran learning

What People Says About Momineen Quran Center

Momineen Quran Center is an amazing online institutions. My three kids are Learning Quran Online since one year. We sometimes go on vacations to other countries but due to online program my children never missed their classes. My kids are going great in reciting Quran with Tajweed.

Musarat Anam, Frankfurt, Germany

I am a student and I am very very satisfied with classes. I love to learn Quran now. It is very interesting. And your tutors are very nice and easy to learn with. God Bless You.

Shuja, New South Wales, Australia

Assalaamualaikum, Brothers and sisters, I have just started the course and believe me in the first class itself you will get a feeling that you can learn and understand the Holy Qur’an easily.

Zia Ahmad, South Australia

The best organization ever that’s been joined together for Quran reading 100 percent success rate. The teacher is so caring awesome and flexible (M. Adil) gained so much knowledge very hard working teachers and dedicated. Allah bless them all.

Shakeel Awan, Quran Center


We are the online Shia Quran Academy for our Shia community. Starting from 2010, we are proud to say that our number of successful students from all over the world God Willingly learn and memorize the Holy Quran with tajweed, pronunciation, and recitation in particular courses. Moreover, our Islamic scholars are always ready to overcome your doubts and make this journey easy.

Simply you do not need to come to any physical place. Our online service is here to make your learning feasible. Hence, you can directly contact us through our email or phone number present on our landing page. Our 24/7 customer support will contact you soon and provide you with complete details. In addition, it is also noted that we do not charge for free trial classes. Once you are satisfied, then you are allowed to join our paid courses according to your required session budget.

You no need to worry at all, as we are here to guide you. Our welcoming staff guides you through each and every step according to your online Quran classes. Moreover, we will deliver information directly to your email and phone number.

In some cases, if you cannot take your classes, then your first and foremost responsibility is to inform your teachers as soon as possible and ask for make-up classes according to their schedule possibility.

Arabic is a very vast language with great wisdom and insight. So any misleading pronunciation can change the meaning of holy verses. That’s why it is necessary to learn it.

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