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Islamic education is the most important type of education for Momineen. It gives the idea of beliefs and principles of Islam. We offer this course for kids so that they can learn about the practices of the Islam. It is a comprehensive course and includes important topics, ethical education, and Islamic beliefs. Our children must learn about our values especially if they are in western society. Islamic education is very important to understand how to live. The main source of understanding Islam is the Quran. The Quran has everything and we can learn about our core beliefs. But it is equally important to get guidance. We offer you the right platform for your children. Our course of Islamic education will give the right knowledge to your kids at their right age. We teach with a Shia perspective and according to Fiqh Jafferia. Our academy works with a distance learning approach, and offers classes online.

When a child starts grasping things, he should start gaining Islamic knowledge too.  It is important for all children to learn Islam at an early age. We teach the lessons at a very beginning stage. This is a professional way that makes children perfect at Islamic studies. We will develop a love for Islam in the hearts of children. They can concentrate on their religion and become better Muslims. The topics of ethics will make them better humans too.

Learning Islam is important for children so that they can spend their lives in Islamic way when they grow up. We will teach them everything about Islam according to their age. Our teachers are very professional and their teaching methods are excellent. By studying with them, your children will understand haram deeds and how they can abstain from them. They will learn about sins and the punishments.

Our aim is to develop the love for Islam in Muslim children. We have hundreds of satisfied parents because they believe they sent their children in the right hands. The classes we offer are engaging and interactive. We work to cultivate fresh minds according to Islam. Our Islamic studies methods are according to the children of different ages. We understand that all children do not have the same abilities. We give age-wise lessons so that all children learn the best.  Our academy caters to children of all age groups. The parents can customize the lessons according to their demands. We are here to fulfill the demands of all students. The best thing about our Islamic studies course is that we teach through exercises. We teach step by step and complete the course without any pressure.

Islamic Education for Youth

Shia Muslims must be well-versed in all matters pertaining to Islam in order to succeed in the future. For the benefit of the Shia Muslim community, learning the faith is crucial. This responsibility falls on the entire Shia community as well as the individual Momin.

The finest course for Shia Muslims to dedicate themselves to studying Islam is our Islamic Studies for Kids program. Additionally, we provide the best Shia Quran instruction online to people in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and other Western nations.

What Do We Teach in the Course?

Our Islamic studies course for children includes the following topics:

Introduction to Islam

We give the overview of Islam to kids according to Shia beliefs. They learn about oneness of Allah, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and his progeny, the Twelve Imams and their attributes. They learn about monotheism and also relationship between Prophethood and Imamate. We will also teach Islamic calendar and Shia Celebrations, Islamic months, important events and commemorations, etc. They will understand the importance of Majalis and and mourning, etc.

Pillars of Shia Islam

We teach our kids about the pillars of Shia Islam. They will learn about 5 pillar which are:

  •       Tawhid (The oneness of God)
  •       Adl (divine justice)
  •       Nubuwwah (prophethood)
  •       Imamate (succession to Muhammad)
  •       Qayamat (the day of judgment)


Students memorize the important and main supplications to give them the concept of expressing gratitude and seeking help. They learn to remember Allah in all stages of their lives. We teach the supplications for eating (before and after), entering bathroom, after sneezing, entering and leaving the house, and more. These are just the basic supplications that are very easy to memorize. Our teachers are also the guides and they motivate the kids to recite duas in all aspects of their lives.

Islamic Morals and Ethics

We teach Islamic morals and ethics to our students. They will learn about kindness and how to treach others. We give examples of the Ahlul Bayt and their personal conduct with people. The other ethics that we teach to our children are honesty and truthfulness and their significance. They will learn about respecting parents and elders etc. This lesson is very important because it helps in the personal development and character building of children.

Islamic Stories

This course also includes the Islamic stories from the lives of the Ahlul Bayt (A.S) and also the moral lessons. Children listen to stories with much interest. The course also includes the stories of the important events and figures in the history of Shia Islam.

Enroll With Us Today

We are very proud to offer this course for children. This is a valuable opportunity for your children to get the teachings of Islam with us. We offer a pleasant atmosphere, and an encouraging learning environment. We have experts for your learning.

Enroll your children in Islamic study course with us today. Our academy has worldwide reputation for high quality Islamic and Quranic education. We teach in one-to-one classes where each student gets individual classes. Momineen Shia Quran Center is a modern institute that teaches by using the latest technology and modern methods. A large number of Shia students study with us and give positive reviews.

If you want a successful future for your kid, teach them Islam. Islam is our religion and also the code of conduct. Our new generation needs full understanding of Islam. Being parents, it is our responsibility and obligation to give them Islamic education. We offer classes for the entire Shia community so that young minds enlighten with the laugh of Islam. Our classes are not for any single geographical location. All the Shia Muslims in all corners of the world can learn with us.  Students from the USA, UK, , Canada, all other countries can join us.

Learn with convenience because we will teach your kids at your home. You don’t have to send your children to any madrassas.  They will comprehend Islamic teachings, core Shia beliefs and traditions from the comfort of their homes.

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