Islamic study for kids

Shia Muslims from all over the world can learn the Quran at the online Momineen Shia Quran Center, which is a Shia Quran Learning Academy. The Center has outstanding Shia academics and educators and offers access to the Fiqh Course (Fiqqh Jafferia). The top Skype courses for Islamic studies are available at our center. Through this course, students can learn about Islam and fiqh. We provide the ideal setting for those who desire to study Islam from a Shia perspective.

Islamic Education for Youth

Shia Muslims must be well-versed in all matters pertaining to Islam in order to succeed in the future. For the benefit of the Shia Muslim community, learning the faith is crucial. This responsibility falls on the entire Shia community as well as the individual Momin. The finest course for Shia Muslims to dedicate themselves to studying Islam is our Islamic Studies for Kids program. Additionally, we provide the best Shia Quran instruction online to people in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and other Western nations.

 Shia Quran Academy online

The Shia Islamic Studies Online course can be taken at home by the students. This course teaches students about Aqaid and Fiqh. In this subject, children are taught various significant duas. The greatest methods for teaching are used by our Shia Quran teachers. Understanding Islam and the directives of Allah and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is aided by an education in Islamic studies. Every Momin should become familiar with the core principles and ideals of Shi’a Islam. Due to the dearth of Shia institutions, some Momineen find it extremely challenging to have the opportunity to pursue this degree. As a result, we give students the option to study Islamic studies in addition to the Shia Quran.

Shia Islamic Research

Our Institute’s Shia Islamic Studies Online course aids in learning Islam. It is a very significant course, and at our institute, we adhere to the following goals: The Quran and Islam; Ahl ul-Bayt’s school; and significant supplications.

• Islamic ethics and morals

Islamic knowledge is taught to students in a remarkable method. High-quality course materials and authentic Islam are taught in our courses. The Shia Quran Academy is a very trustworthy location to take this course and fully comprehend Islam.

Who ought to enroll in the course?

The course is taught in accordance with Fiqh Jafferia since we represent the school of thinking of Ahl al-Bayt. This online Shia Islamic studies course is available to children. Through this course, we hope to give Shia Muslims a comprehensive understanding of Islam. Students at our Online Shia Quran Academy take the course online through a distance learning system. All Muslims who follow the Fiqh Jafferia are eligible to enroll in the course.

How Do We Educate?

The Momineen Shia Quran Center offers students a thorough study route that covers Islamic Fiqh and fundamental Islamic concepts including Karma, Wuzu, Namaz, Asool-e-Deen, and significant duas. Shia-based Islamic laws, the judicial system, and Islamic principles are all taught to pupils. Therefore, all the fundamental ideas of Islamic philosophy, history, and how to derive the laws from the Qur’an and the Sunnah are taught to our students.

To give Shia Muslims direction, the course comprises rulings made by Shia academics. Thus, all of the fundamental Shariah laws are taught to the students. The course syllabus is provided below.

Islam’s history, principles, and doctrines, tahaarat (purification and cleanliness), salat, and siyam (fasting), among others.

• Relationships and Marriage

Based on Shia Islamic Laws, this course explains the fundamental tenets and obligations of a Shia Muslim. The specifics of carrying out and appreciating the deeds that support an understanding of Shia Islam are taught to the students. The following topics will be covered by the students: the fundamentals of Shia Islam; Shia interpretations of Islamic history; beliefs; requirements for worship; and how to live your life in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his Ahl e Bait

Why Do You Want This Course With Us?

An online center for Shia and Islamic Quran education is called Momineen Shia Quran Center. The Fiqh course we provide Shi’i Muslims gives them a fantastic opportunity to learn Shi’i Islam in-depth. Our institute has a lovely and pleasant atmosphere. Additionally, our Shia Quran tutors are enthusiastic about offering effective fiqh education. Due to the fact that we welcome Shia students from all over the world, the course is offered in both Urdu and English. We also offer Shia Yassarnal Quran taught by qualified Islamic scholars.

This is an advanced course that is taught to students by qualified instructors, Shia Qari, and scholars. Shia students can thus study their religion at home under the direction of knowledgeable and credentialed scholars.

We advocate for easy access to the Quran and Islamic education for all Shia brothers and sisters. They will be able to have a good future in this way.

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