Best Online Shia Quran Classes for kids& Adults

Online Quran Classes in

 Momineen shia Quran center is the best platform to take Shia online Quran classes. You can study the Quran and Islamic courses without leaving your home. You will get the most personalized Quran learning experience with us. Start taking your classes via PC/laptop or mobile device with a good speed internet connection. Our online classes are for students living in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and more. If you also live in any of these countries, you can choose our online Quran classes. You don’t have to drive to far places to learn the Quran. No need to go to the mosque or a madrassa if you cannot find them nearby.

The Best Online Quran Academy

We are the best online Quran Academy to teach the Quran to Momineen. Moreover, you will benefit from our classes because they are flexible and affordable. You can choose the timing according to your choice. All the courses are available at a very affordable price. Students, whether kids or adults, can join our classes without worrying about the timing and price. We want that every Momin student should easily afford the courses. Our Academy operates across the world to spread the knowledge of the Quran. Access the classes by staying at your home. Just join us and start taking the best classes.

Why Choose US

Attending Quran classes is no more difficult now. Momineen shia Quran center offers the classes that meet your Quran learning needs. You should choose us for the following reason

Best Teaching Methods

 Our teaching methods are the best and combine contemporary and traditional techniques. We make use of the teaching to give you the best learning experience.

Highly Qualified Teachers

We have highly qualified teachers who are the graduates of Shia institutions. You will learn the best because all the teachers are professional and experienced teachers. Our team of teachers includes both male and female teachers.

One-to-One Classes

We offer one-to-one online Quran teaching services. The classes are live and we teach via Skype. There is no group learning. All the classes are individual and one-to-one. This method is very reliable and each student gets more attention. Enroll in one on one classes at our academy.

Our Services

Our reputation is due to our services that include Quran reading, memorizing and understanding.  Different courses are available and each course is very high quality.

24/7 availability

Contact us whenever you want as our availability is round the clock. Our teachers are always ready to welcome students. This is the benefit for those who are living in different time zones. We have teachers who are present all the day. There is no issue of the time. When you are free, just book your classes at that time.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

Our Academy has special online classes for children of all ages. When you child is able to grasp lessons, enroll in the basic Quran courses. Older children can also improve their recitation with us.

Male Quran Teacher

You can learn from a Shia male Quran teacher from our Academy. Our team of expert male teachers is available to you 24/7. They are the experts because they are the graduates of reputable institutions. Have the best learning experience from them.

Female Quran Teacher

Our expert team of teachers also includes female Shia teachers for female students and children. We offer separate class for female students. The teachers are fluent in English and Urdu languages. So students from all over the world can learn from them. Mominaat who cannot leave their homes can choose online classes.

Shia Classes

Our Shia Quran Classes serve Momineen only. We are the Shia Academy for Momineen from all backgrounds. Our teachers are also Shia. If you want high quality Quran courses from Shia teachers, we will offer from the comfort of your home. Book our online classes for learning the Quran effectively with us.

What to Learn with us?

We offer a variety of Shia Quran and Islamic courses for Momineen. All the courses are essential to learn being a Momin.

Qaida Course

This is Yassarnal Quran course that is suitable for you if you are the beginner. You will learn Arabic alphabet and their sounds. It is essential for starting to learn to read the Quran.

Translation Course

We offer translation course to help Momineen understand the translation of the Quran. Studying this course will help you understand the classical Arabic. This course is for non-Arabs and native language is not Arabic. We will help you comprehend the meanings of the verses of the Quran in English.

Online Tajweed Course

Learn to read the Quran fluently with this course. After completing this course you can read the Quran expertly. Our teachers have profound knowledge Tajweed and can recite beautifully. Study Tajweed with them and learn to recite the Quran beautifully.

Shia Islamic Studies

We have Shia Islamic courses for Momineen to give exposure of Shia Islam.  Students learn about their ideology and understand the Islamic laws. This course is also for students of all ages. Kids can also join us and study the Islamic courses under the supervision of Shia tutors.

Tafsir Course

You will learn the meanings of the Quranic verses in detail in this course. This course will give you deeper insights into the meanings of the Quran. You will understand the historical background with Shia perspective.


This course is for Momineen who want to memorize the Quran completely or partially. Enroll in this course to start Hifz. Hifz is not obligatory on everyone but those who want to do can enroll with us.

Saheefa Sajjadia Course

This course will cover explanation of the supplications attributed to Zain-ul-Abideen. The topics that we teach are relevant to the spiritual and moral teachings in the supplications, legal elements, and more. Enroll in the course to learn more about it.

Nehjul Balagha

This is a very important course for Momineen. It covers the topics relevant to the wisdom, sermons, philosophy, etc of Imam Ali (A.S)