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Welcome to Momineen Shia Quran Center Your Most Reliable Platform to Quranic Education

We are the most renowned online Online Shia Quran Academy offering the best teachings of the Holy Quran. Join us because we offering the Quran education within the framework of Shia Islam. We are famous for our excellence, authenticity, and quality education. Our academy is working to help Momineen get a deep connection with the Quran. Our Quran and Islamic courses will develop a comprehensive understanding of Shia theology.

Shia Islam has some differences from the Sunni Islam. There is a division between two branches and Shia Muslims get guidance from Shia teachers. Momineen emphasis on Ahlul Bayt and their teachings also connect with Ahlul Bayt. It is important for us to get wisdom from their teachings. We offer courses that provide a great learning experience. Being Shia, we have a deep love and respect for the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His progeny. Our academy is for Shia to promote the love and respect for Ahlul Bayt and spread the Quranic knowledge. We believe that Ahlul Baiit is our Islamic identity so we educate our youth.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to spread the knowledge of the Quran and enlighten the lives of Momineen. We aim to empower them to navigate through the journey of their lives with light of the Quran. We want to spread the teachings of Ahlul Bayt too. For this purpose we are working to make Quran education accessible to every Momin all across the world. Our Academy offers the kind of an environment where students of all ages can study. We want them to grow spiritually and intellectually with our education.

Commitment to Excellence

Our Shia Quran Academy has commitment to excellence and has a team of qualified Quran teachers. The courses are flexible and students study at their pace. We offer a supportive learning environment for our students. Our academy has the diversity of Shia students from all across the world. Our student population includes all age groups so we tailor our approach according to them. We want all the students at our academy to get the best educational experience with us.

Courses Available

  1. Quranic Qaida

This is the basic course that includes the basic Arabic alphabet and their sounds. This course makes students familiar with Arabic and they read the Arabic of the Quran.

  1. Quran with Tajweed

We all like beautiful recitation so offer a course to learn melodious recitation. We have expert instructors who have excellent knowledge and skills of Tajweed. They know the art of proper pronunciation. So if you’re a beginner, start a Tajweed course with us. You can also refine your recitation skills with us.

  1. Quran Memorization

Memorizing the Quran is not essential for us but it is very rewarding. It is a spiritual work so if you want to memorize the Quran then choose us. We have experienced tutors who are also Hafiz. They can help you throughout this sacred journey of Hifz. We support our students morally so that they can successfully complete this course.

  1. Quran Translation

This course helps you understand the meanings of the verses. Our teachers will give you word-by-word meanings of the verses.

  1. Quran Tafsir

Momineen must learn the deeper meanings of the Quran. We offer a Tafseer course to understand the Quranic verses in detail. We teach Tafseer in Shia theology. Our teachers for Tafseer are scholars and they guide students in the right manner.

  1. Shia Islamic Studies

All Momineen must learn about Islam through a Shia perspective. Islamic studies is important for children too so that they can understand Shia religion, jurisprudence, and history. We provide the best course to help you understand the principles of Islam and Shia traditions.

  1. Nehjul Balagha

Nehjul Balagha is an important course for Momineen. We have great teachers for this course to understand its eloquence, wisdom, and spirituality.

  1. Saheefa Sajjadia

We offer Saheefa sajjadia course because it is an important course for those following the Shia school of thought.  Get spiritual guidance through this course you can learn to lead a righteous and virtuous life.

Why Choose Our Academy

We are a reliable Shia Online Quran Academy. If you need the best Quran education, choose us. There are many reasons why you should choose our academy.

  1. Individual Learning

We offer unique learning to our students with personalized lesson. The classes are one to one and we do not teach in groups. For all students whether beginner or an advanced students, we have courses as per needs of the students.  All the students learn effectively with us.

  1. Online Classes

We use the modern technology for teaching. The lessons are interactive and students and teachers can communicate with each other easily. We teach through live sessions and students attend classes from the comfort of their home.

  1. Easy Joining Process

We have a very simple process for joining the classes. Visit our website and contact us through our contact number or email id and book your classes. After paying the fee, you can embark on your journey of learning the Quran. You don’t have to involve in any complicated procedure for registering.

  1. Course Diversity

We offer a diverse range of Quran and Islamic courses. You can choose the courses according to your needs and requirements. If you want to learn recitation we offer Quran with Tajweed course. If you are the beginner, we offer the Qaida Quran. The other courses are memorization, Tafsir, Nehjul Balagha, Saheefa sajjadia, or Islamic Studies too. We are offering a wide variety of courses according to your needs.

  1. 24/7 Services

We are available around the clock to teach you. There is no limit of timing as we cater to students. You can book your class at any schedule. We allow students to pick any time that suits them

  1. Affordable Charges

We have very affordable charges for all the courses that we offer. We want to make Quran education accessible to everyone. So, our charges are very reasonable so that everyone can easily afford it.

Expert Teachers

We have both male and female teachers for the Quran courses. Our teachers play a significant role in teaching the Quran and Fiqh to Momineen. Our teachers are the experts because they undergo rigorous training and also hold qualifications from notorious Shia Islamic institutes. They take care of our faith, practice, and moral values. Female teachers also play an important role in guiding Shia Muslim community. Our female teachers educate women and contribute to their spiritual growth.

Contact Us

In case of any questions or want to get further information, please contact us. We have a support team that is available to your service 24/7.


Start you Quran learning journey with us and enlighten your lives. You will have your spiritual growth and a deeper connection Shia Islam. We have been serving Momineen from many years.  Join us today and have the best Quran learning. You will take your classes at the comfort of your home. Start your classes if you have a computer and an internet connection.  We are proud to offer this Quran teaching service to Momineen. So, join us today.